Reasons to rent from iRent

Reasons to rent from iRent:

Tendering process: Does your client need a solution now, but is he or she stuck in a tendering process?
Cloud:  Is your client considering a move to the Cloud, but he or she doesn’t have a clear picture yet? Renting a temporary solution can bridge this period.
Support prolongation: Is your customer facing an (expensive) support prolongation? A rental period with option to buy can help him find the best solution.
Budget: Does your customer want to place an order, but doesn’t have a sufficient budget? Think about renting with an option to buy!
Proof Of Concept: Convince the customer of the best solution in their own environment.
Migration: Is extra hardware needed during a migration?
Delivery times: You customer can’t wait to use the new solution? Our solution is ready on the rack within a day!
Calamity: Are you having an IT-emergency? Our solution is waiting for you!
Temporary IT projects: In case a temporary department is being set up and equipment is needed temporarily, you no longer need to buy.
CAPEX-OPEX shift: Pay for use, not for possessing.
State of the art technology: Your customer can use the most up-to-date technology, that can be replaced as soon as new technology is available.
Expansion of the current environment: Expanding the current environment, but no need to purchase? Save the cost of purchasing by renting instead. 

Pay for use, not for ownership.

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