Hardware / IBM rental

The demands of the business world are under constant change and can be unpredictable. Thanks to renting IBM equipment from iRent you can remain flexible and profitable.

Rent or buy a computer?

On some occasions renting is a good alternative to buying, and renting a computer can be a rational, qualitative and cost effective solution.

Renting Servers, storage, PCs or tablets from iRent can mean:

  • Being able to meet urgent and temporary IT-demands or the demands of rapid growth of the company;
  • Investing in the most recent and up-to-date hardware available without taking large financial risks;
  • Enjoying the best expertise available when it somes to IBM hardware solutions and being able to keep costs down at the same time;
  • Being able to test the equipment before having to purchase it: making your decision after renting.

Do you temporarily need hardware for a specific project? Are you undergoing a growing spurt in your company, a migration, a move, participating in a trade fair or experiencing a different unexpected event? With iRent you can rent any equipment for any length of time. Whether it’s an iPad for a day or a high-end Unix server for a few months; we can offer all storage solutions, IBM servers, Apple and Lenovo PCs directly from our stock.

Delivery within 24 hours

Thanks to our logistical systems we can execute configurations, deliveries and installations in record time.

Renting a computer from iRent is quick and easy!

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